Board Announces New Granting Program

2 July 2021

In late June 2021, the CCUB Trust Fund Board finalized and approved new granting polices and a new application form for the new granting program that will be funded from the full Fund Principal, starting in Fall of 2021. The guidelines and application form are on this website on the Grant Funding page.

The Board is very pleased with the prospect of being able to fund additional special projects. With increased funding, comes a greater scope of projects and initiatives, and greater accountability.  We encourage applicants to review both the form and the guidelines carefully; and if there are any questions, to contact one of your CCUB board members.

There will be several grant application deadlines over the next two years, starting later this year with the first one later this year, October 1, 2021, followed by May 31, 2022, October 1, 2022 and possibly May 31, 2023, depending on funds remaining at that time. Grant funding allocations will still follow the long-standing provincial formula of 45% British Columbia, 10% Alberta, and 45% Saskatchewan.

The Board thanks all the individuals and organizations who have supported the Board’s efforts to access the Fund’s Principal and who offered input during our consultation process. This strong community support was key to our success in this important initiative.

Changes to CCUB Trust Fund Act Approved

2 June 2021

An Act to amend and repeal The Doukhobors of Canada Trust Fund Act was approved by the Government of Saskatchewan in mid-May 2021. There were two changes to The Act. First, the CCUB Trust Fund Board is now able to use the full Principal of The Fund, which currently sits at $271,400, plus interest earned. Second, the Fund is to be spent and disbursed by 2024, when The Act is to be repealed. All other aspects of The Act remain the same.

The change to allow access to the full Principal is something the CCUB Trust Fund Board has been working on for several years, liaising with Government representatives and consulting with the Doukhobor community in Western Canada. Therefore, the amendment is great news. The challenge is now disbursing this legacy fund within three years and doing so thoughtfully and wisely so as to support and advance Doukhobor culture.  

The Board is very pleased with this outcome and the prospect of supporting some exciting projects. It is already putting final touches on a new granting program and policies that will be announced within weeks. Please watch this website for details.

CCUB Trust Fund Act Changes Pending

8 February 2021; updated 29 April 2021

PROGRESS: The Board is pleased to say that revisions to The Doukhobors of Canada CCUB Trust Fund Act, S.S.1980 (hereafter, The Act) are making their way through the legislative review process. A decision is likely by this summer. The Board continues to work with Government of Saskatchewan representatives on this process and will share news with the Doukhobor community when it is available.

CHANGE: The key change being considered is to allow the Board to spend the Fund’s principal and not only the annual interest, as has been the case since The Act was established in 1980.

IMPACT: The Board would continue allocating funding (via grants) to projects that further the culture and heritage of Doukhobors in Canada. There would likely be larger grants to be support a wider variety of projects than in the past. There would also likely be more than one grant intake per year.

INPUT: New granting guidelines have been drafted, in preparation for this possibility. Once a final decision on The Act is know, the Board will finalize the granting policy and application guidelines and communicate them widely to our community.

FOR NOW: In the meantime, the CCUB Trust Fund’s annual grant application will continue as usual this spring, with a grant application deadline of May 31, 2021. Applications forms and instructions are available from Board Members and here on our website, under Grant Funding.

The Board looks forward to seeing applications from the Doukhobor community for
 creative projects
that sustain and enhance our Doukhobor culture and heritage.

C.C.U.B. Trust Fund Board 2020 Update

12 Aug 2020

The fiscal year-end of the Doukhobors of Canada C.C.U.B. Trust Fund Board concluded on May 31, 2020 and at its Annual General Meeting on July 18, the Board reflected on the many activities both concluded, and underway.

The Board met monthly to discuss legislative change; enhanced communication with Doukhobor societies; strategic planning and, as always, our annual granting process.

Seven applications requesting funding were received from recognized societies in May, from each of the three provinces the Board represents. Funding decisions were made at the July Annual Meeting and are available on this site.

The Board has also had some changes in membership. Walter Ostoforoff of Canora filled the vacancy created by the resignation of Gerald Benneke (SK) early this year. Recently, Joe Cheveldave (BC) also retired from the Board, and Mike Kanigan has been named to fill that BC vacancy. We thank both Gerald and Joe for their good and long service on the Board and the wisdom they brought to our deliberations.

The changes to The CCUB Trust Fund Act (S.S. 1979-80) proposed by the Board to the Government in Fall 2019 are making their way through the legislative change process, and on track with the original timelines proposed by the Ministry. The major change proposed was to use the Fund’s principal and not just the interest as has been the case to date. The Board and the Ministry are working well together to keep this process aligned with the proposed schedule.

The Board is working on a strategic plan in anticipation of The Board being able to use the Fund’s principal, which now sits at just over $300K. The vision is to support more special projects that preserve and advance Doukhobor heritage and culture in Western Canada. This plan would be accompanied by a revised granting policy to reflect its strategic directions. Once the Strategic Plan is more developed, the Board will share it with our communities and welcome feedback for the final version.

Considering Changes:

July, 2019

In early 2019, our Board reached out to Doukhobor communities and organizations regarding a proposed review of The CCUB Trust Fund Act, something that happens periodically with all legislation. The Act had not been reviewed for some time and the Government of Saskatchewan invited our Board to consult with our people about possible changes to the Act. This included the possibility of dropping the restriction to spend only the interest generated by the Fund and to permit access to spending of the Principal. If such a change was to be considered, input was needed for how this additional funding could best serve Doukhobor organizations.

Consultation 2019:

The Government asked our Board to consult with our communities across Western Canada to explore options for possible changes to the CCUB Trust Fund and to call for input from Doukhobor organizations and individuals. Our Board began by putting notices in two major Doukhobor publications in Western Canada – ISKRA produced in BC and the Dove produced in SK. This was followed by wide circulation of a Consultation Letter to Doukhobor societies with an overview of the Fund’s history, some concerns with the current arrangements, and some options for future directions. This was distributed widely, along with a request for local discussion and input. 

In response, many groups held consultation meetings in their areas and shared the results with us. We also heard from many individuals, by letter and in person. All of the input was considered carefully by our Board. We were very pleased with the responses and the feedback. Overall, there was support for option 3.a in the document. That option was to amend the Act to allow the Board to disburse the funds held in the trust (principal plus accumulated interest) over a reasonable time period (several years). The Board would develop a clear disbursement plan and criteria for allocating funds, including a possible expanded concept of eligible projects. The Board would also ensure that all Doukhobor societies and organizations are aware of the changes and plans, so as to have ample time to develop ideas and prepared proposals for future funding applications.


The Board prepared a proposal in the Fall of 2019 to the Government of Saskatchewan outlining the recommended option that was supported by Doukhobor societies in the consultation process. This was to allow spending of the Fund’s principal, allowing larger grants that would better meet the many needs of Doukhobor organizations in Western Canada. In most years, the funds requested through our granting process far exceeded the Board’s ability to fund from only the interest. Access to the Fund’s principal would help address this limitation.

Next Steps:

The legislative review process is currently underway (2020) and involves review at several levels before going before the Saskatchewan Legislature for consideration. The review and any resulting changes will likely take about a year to complete. Our Board is in regular contact with the Minister’s office as the legislative review progresses and we will keep our communities updated regarding developments. 

In the meantime, the Board will continue offering the annual CCUB grant program and will provide updates in ISKRA and the Dove, as well as on this website.