Grant Funding

Overview & Purpose:

The Doukhobors of Canada CCUB Trust Fund Act (S.S. 1980) states in Section 16(1) that “The Board shall provide for the making of grants to recognized non-profit organizations which are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the heritage and culture of the Doukhobors of Canada.” In Section 16(2), the Act further says that “A grant may be made subject to any terms and conditions that the board considers reasonable.”

Next Application Deadline: May 31, 2021

All applications must be fully completed and signed as indicated to be considered for funding. Submit applications by mail to the following address:

Doukhobors Of Canada, CCUB Trust Fund
Attention: Linda Osachoff
Box 99
Verigin, SK S0A 4H0

Project Criteria:

The Board’s terms for granting state that requested funding must be for Special Projects that meet the criteria below:

  1. Be of design that meets the historic and cultural requirements unique and special to Doukhobor culture;
  2. Have a minimum of two years in the making and be in operation; and
  3. Projects involving education must carry an approval of the provincial education department.
  4. Funds are to be spent within a year and a final report is to be submitted to the CCUB Trust Fund Board. 

Eligible Applicants:  

Applicants must be recognized non-profit organizations dedicated to establishing and maintaining the heritage and culture of Doukhobors in Canada and must be based in Western Canada.

How to Apply:

Applications for grant funding for special projects are made by completing and submitting the Grant Application Form supplied each year by the Board. Application forms may be obtained from Board members, who may also be contacted with questions about the granting process. 
The form is also available below for printing.

CCUB Trust Fund Board Grant Allocations

Grants are funded from interest generated on the principal, as defined in The Act. Allocations are made according to the following long-standing formula: BC – 45%; AB – 10%; SK – 45%.

2020 Grants:

Organization Prov Grant Amount Project
1Lower Mainland Doukhobor Benevolent SocietyBC$350Choir and Father’s Day Project
2Kootenay Doukhobor Historical SocietyBC$1,000Planning Doukhobor Archive and Research Centre
3Kelowna Doukhobor GroupBC$350Yearly Prayer Meeting Support
4Union of Spiritual Communities of ChristBC$2,200Verigin Memorial Park Summer Student
5Southern Alberta DoukhoborsAB$600Monthly Maleniye Meetings
6National Doukhobor Heritage VillageSK$3,900CCUB Elevator Restoration Project
TOTAL $8,050

2019 Grants:

Organization Prov Grant Amount Project
1Union of Spiritual Communities of ChristBC1,046.73Verigin Memorial Park Summer Student
2Lower Mainland Doukhobor Benevolent SocietyBC500.00Support Victoria Choir to Attend Father’s Picnic / Social
3Okanagan DoukhoborsBC500.00Hall Rental for Prayer Services
4Southern Alberta DoukhoborsAB227.43Monthly Maleniye Costs
5United Doukhobors of AlbertaAB227.43Maintain Historic Cowley-Lundbreck Cemetery and Home
6National Doukhobor Heritage VillageSK1,546.73Replace Gazebo over Milling Stones and Small Grist Mill
7Doukhobor Dugout House National Site of CanadaSK500.00New Metal Roof for Prayer Home on Site
TOTAL 4,548.32