Grant Funding

Overview & Purpose:

The Doukhobors of Canada CCUB Trust Fund Act (S.S. 1980) states in Section 16(1) that “The Board shall provide for the making of grants to recognized non-profit organizations which are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the heritage and culture of the Doukhobors of Canada.” In Section 16(2), the Act further says that “A grant may be made subject to any terms and conditions that the board considers reasonable.”

In the summer of 2021, the Board approved new Funding Policy Guidelines for the expanded funding program, made possible after the legislative change allowing access to the full Fund Principal. Please review the new guidelines below before applying, as there are changes from the old program.

Next Application Deadline: February 1, 2023

Please Note: The originally planned October 2022 application deadline was postponed, and the next deadline is now February 1, 2023.

As the British Columbia funding envelope has been fully allocated as of July 2022, the February 2023 application intake will be for applications by or involving Alberta and Saskatchewan groups. After that, any remaining funds may be pooled together for a final grant application intake on May 31, 2023.

For the 2023 grant applications, the usual policy guidelines and application form apply, available here.

Project Criteria:

  1. To be eligible, projects and initiatives must be designed to reflect and protect the special heritage and culture of Doukhobors in Canada and align with the four main themes of the C.C.U.B. Trust Fund Board Strategic Plan:
    1) Advancing Knowledge about Doukhobors;
    2) Fostering Doukhobor Heritage and Culture;
    3) Managing Financial Legacy Efficiently and Effectively;
    4) Communicating with Key Audiences/Communities.
  2. A variety of projects is encouraged, including those that:
    • support structural (or built) Doukhobor heritage;
    • feature / promote / preserve Doukhobor cultural heritage activities or knowledge; and/or
    • enhance learning about Doukhobor culture and heritage.
  3. While projects will normally take one year to complete, longer initiatives may be eligible, if required to achieve intended goals. All projects must be completed, with final reports submitted, by the end of May 2024.

Eligible Applicants:  

Applicants must be recognized, established non-profit Doukhobor organizations in Saskatchewan, Alberta and/or British Columbia (note change above for Feb. 1/23 grant deadline) dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the Doukhobor heritage and culture. Individuals may apply, if they are associated with or partner with an eligible organization, as defined here, and if that organization is supportive of the initiative and is willing and able to assist with managing grant funds and reporting requirements; a letter outlining such support must accompany the grant application. A list of such organizations that the Board is aware of is available here for the convenience of potential applicants, with the caveat that the organizations’ willingness to partner has not been confirmed by the CCUB Trust Fund Board.

How to Apply:

Applications for grant funding are made by completing and submitting the Grant Application Form above (download, print, complete and mail). All applications must be fully completed and signed as indicated to be considered for funding. Submit applications by mail to this address:

Doukhobors Of Canada, CCUB Trust Fund
Attention: Linda Osachoff
Box 99
Verigin, SK S0A 4H0

Progress and Final Reports:

All those who received Grants from the CCUB Trust Fund are expected to provide progress reports every six-months and a final report at the end of the grant period. The form for both types of reports is available below. It can be printed, completed and mailed to the same address as applications (above), or it can be downloaded, completed and emailed to

CCUB Trust Fund Board Grant Allocations

Since the May 2021 amendment to The CCUB Trust Fund Act, grants have been funded from both the Fund’s principal and interest. Allocations are guided by the following formula: BC – 45%; AB – 10%; SK – 45%.

2022 Grants (Spring):

1National Doukhobor Heritage Village & Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society *SK$25,635Digitizing Historic Heritage Sites, Several in BC and SK
2Union of Spiritual Communities of ChristBC$20,179Portion of Costs for Verigin Memorial Park Water Supply
* Grant funded entirely from Saskatchewan’s envelope.
NOTE: Decisions on two other applications are pending, awaiting clarification

2021 Grants (Fall):

Organization / LeadProvGrant AmountProject
1Lower Mainland Doukhobor Benevolent Society BC$ 4,475Publish ‘Thoughts of a Doukhobor’ Book of Lifelong Poetry by Timothy Samorodin
2Krestova Doukhobor Community Society BC$22,500Doukhobors in Canada: Educational Resources for Experiential Learning
3Kootenay Doukhobor Historical Society BC$61,440USCC Video Club Digitization
4United Doukhobors of Alberta AB$ 8,216Cowley-Lundbreck Renovation Project
5National Doukhobor Heritage Village / Jonathan Kalmakoff ** SK$30,080CCUB Discovery Portal, Phases 1 and 2
6Prayer Home Society of Doukhobors Kamsack and DistrictSK$10,000Erect Sign at Historic Voskreseniye Village
** Grant being co-funded by BC, AB & SK because of its broad significance

2021 Grants (Spring):

Organization Prov Grant Amount Project
1Doukhobor Discovery Centre, CastlegarBC$ 1,260Sign Replacement
2Malakoff – Krestova SocietyBC$ 1,000Resources for Experiential Learning
3Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ BC$ 2,128 Verigin Memorial Park Summer Student
4Southern Alberta Doukhobors AB$ 600Monthly Maleniye Meetings
5Cowley-LundbreckAB$ 706Monthly Maleniye Meetings
6Blaine Lake Doukhobor SocietySK$ 1,134Library Review & Restoration
7National Doukhobor Heritage VillageSK$ 3,690Restoration Blacksmith Shop
TOTAL $10,518

2020 Grants:

Organization Prov Grant Amount Project
1Lower Mainland Doukhobor Benevolent SocietyBC$ 350Choir and Father’s Day Project
2Kootenay Doukhobor Historical SocietyBC$ 1,000Planning Doukhobor Archive and Research Centre
3Kelowna Doukhobor GroupBC$ 350Yearly Prayer Meeting Support
4Union of Spiritual Communities of ChristBC$2,200Verigin Memorial Park Summer Student
5Southern Alberta DoukhoborsAB$ 600Monthly Maleniye Meetings
6National Doukhobor Heritage VillageSK$3,900CCUB Elevator Restoration Project
TOTAL $8,050

2019 Grants:

Organization Prov Grant Amount Project
1Union of Spiritual Communities of ChristBC$1,046.73Verigin Memorial Park Summer Student
2Lower Mainland Doukhobor Benevolent SocietyBC$ 500.00Support Victoria Choir to Attend Father’s Picnic / Social
3Okanagan DoukhoborsBC$ 500.00Hall Rental for Prayer Services
4Southern Alberta DoukhoborsAB$ 227.43Monthly Maleniye Costs
5United Doukhobors of AlbertaAB$ 227.43Maintain Historic Cowley-Lundbreck Cemetery and Home
6National Doukhobor Heritage VillageSK$1,546.73Replace Gazebo over Milling Stones and Small Grist Mill
7Doukhobor Dugout House National Site of CanadaSK$ 500.00New Metal Roof for Prayer Home on Site
TOTAL $4,548.32